Business Seminars


Business Seminar

In the 1990’s, Dana promoted many acclaimed motivational speakers including Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins and Tom Hopkins. While he enjoyed promoting others, Dana had a fear of speaking publicly. In 2000, Dana’s job required him to conduct live workshops for businesses. It was the next step for his personal growth.

He found that it was easy to take biblical principals and weave them into the workshops. Business people quickly embraced the truths.  The content of those workshops were the seeds for the Business Seminars he holds today. From that experience, he overcame his fear of public speaking and his first book, The Seven Principals that Changed the Planet will Change Your Life was born.

This 60 to 90 minute business/life skill seminar is based on Dana’s book The Seven Principals That Changed the Planet Will Change Your Life.  Using storytelling as the groundwork for the seminar, Dana fashions a story about two brothers in ancient times who lived in a hunting and gathering society.   One brother named Johnny is a visionary with a strong work ethic. In this fictional book, we owe modern society to him. From this short story Dana teaches seven life principals that lead to success in business, life, career or relationships.

Seminar Attendees Will Learn

  • The principal of the seed and how that applies to business and personal life
  • Designing a life verses just letting life happen
  • The importance of developing personal skills to help reach your full potential
  • How embracing change affects our destiny
  • The importance of developing people skills and more..




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