Citywide Prayer

Be a Voice of Prayer for Your City

The church is the light of the world and you are a carrier of that light in your community. It is the responsibility of the Christians within each community to pray for her, to keep it’s people safe and expose the hidden things of darkness.
We come together monthly to pray over your community including the natural and spiritual leaders.
Citywide prayer is held the last Saturday of each month at various hosting churches. Together we will cast a net of prayer over our cities and surrounding communities.

The Devil has Robbed the Church by Silencing Her Voice

To take back what the enemy stole, we must first understand what has been stolen. As I was in prayer, I kept praying about a reconnaissance mission. I had to look up the meaning. Reconnaissance is a mission to obtain information about the activities and resources of an enemy. Spiritual reconnaissance obtains this information by the Spirit of God. When we have inside information, we KNOW how to pray.

The Devil Has Silenced the Church in Three Ways

  1. Prayer – Pastors are the spiritual leaders in their area. Each church is to rule and reign over the darkness in their area and change the spiritual atmosphere. Because the church is an occupying army, they are to enforce all that is good and hold darkness back. Each church is the restraining force in their area. Prayer is at an all-time low in the body of Christ, but God is stirring pastors to lead their congregations into deeper prayer. A move of the Spirit of God is restoring prayer.
  2. Gifts of the Spirit- the church is powerless without the Gifts of the Spirit in operation; tongues and interpretation, prophecy, discerning of Spirits, word of knowledge and words of wisdom, gifts of healing, miracles, and the gift of faith. Statistics tell us that the Gifts of the Spirit are at an all-time low among the Ecclesia. Denominations that once had a consistent flow of the gifts of the Spirit no longer do. Leaders are praying for a restoration of the Gifts of the Spirit. They are not satisfied with stories from the past. The cry of their heart is to have a move of God and to see a restoration of the gifts. Effective operation of the gifts carries healing, sets people free from bondage and brings clarity to individuals and the church body.
  3. Politically-It was Christian pastors that led the revolution in 1776. The British understood they were fighting against the message coming from the preachers in the pulpit.  The late President Lyndon B. Johnson also understood that if he could silence the ministers, he could change the mindset of the country. He enacted the Johnson amendment in 1964- the separation of church and state-which led Pastors to believe that if they spoke out politically, they could lose their 501C3 status. This was very effective in silencing the most powerful force on the earth, the church. As the division grows wider between the two political parties in America, many pastors are prayerfully trying to find the balance between silence and relevance. 

New in 2019

We meet the third Saturday of each month. We teach briefly and pray fervently. We pray with authority over our community as we stand together to keep our City safe.

Location: Encounter Church 2828 129th E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74134