Training for Children’s Volunteers


Training for Children’s Workers

Spirit Led Children’s Ministry Conference

From nursery worker through youth ministry, bring your team together for inspired teaching and demonstration. Watch as the Holy Spirit hand-crafts the day just for your team.

Your team will finish the day enthusiastic and refreshed, with greater understanding and appreciation for the vital role they play in the body of Christ. Some of the topics covered;

  • Discover why there is a shortage of volunteers in the Children’s Department and what can be done about it.
  • Learn why volunteers become dissatisfied and leave their position, even if they felt called to serve.
  • Learn why the Children’s department is vital to church growth.
  • Discover why Jesus used storytelling, and learn how to become a storyteller through demonstration and examples.
  • Learn what to look for in a curriculum based upon the Word of God.
  • Unlock the creativity and spontaneity that is lying dormant in your volunteers.
  • Every volunteer is uniquely gifted to serve.  Volunteers will learn how to recognize and develop their own gifts and talents.

Every training session is different as Judy follows the leading of the Holy Spirit. Come ready to receive a powerful Word from heaven. Workers will enjoy the presence of God, become inspired, and receive practical training.

Seminars are hand crafted by the Spirit of God.
Every seminar is uniquely different


Inspire and  Recruit

Judy teaches the entire congregation about the importance of the spiritual training of a child. The result is new and excited volunteers. Church members will catch the vision and learn how they can support children’s ministry even if they don’t work in the classroom.

Parents are looking for churches that will aid them in the spiritual training of their children. A strong, well trained children’s department will make your church soar. Kids will be begging their parents to take them to church.


You can’t afford NOT to train your volunteers. Don’t let budget issues keep you from training your volunteers. Several options are available from video conferencing to onsite training. Contact the ministry to work out details regarding timing and scheduling needs.



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