Prayer Seminars

Prayer Seminars


When Judy was in her early 20’s she would rise early to spend time with God. One day she sang herself into God’s presence and had a powerful encounter with God that ministered to her deeply. She had no idea how to return to that special place. Judy continued to pursue God’s presence and study the Bible, particularly drawn to the area of prayer. God heard her prayer and connected her to a prayer mentor. “Prayer is better caught than taught.” Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin


God brought me a prayer mentor- someone who could lead me into the deeper things of the Spirit

Judy Prieto

In the early 90’s, the Holy Spirit connected Judy with a seasoned woman of prayer named Martha Cusimano. What started out as a once per week prayer meeting quickly changed to daily prayer where Judy was mentored in the ways of prayer and the moving of the Spirit of God. It was in this private place of prayer with just two people that Judy began to learn the ways of the Spirit, and how to discern his voice. Often, she would return home and linger in Gods presence for hours.


As Judy continued in the things of the Spirit in the early 90’s, Dana soon joined her. After devouring all the books she could find on the subject, Dana and Judy began attending prayer conferences and continued to grow in the things of the Spirit.


Dana and Judy were greatly influenced by Dr.Billy Brimm, Lynn Hammond, Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin, Rachael Tefertiller, Dana Zile, and other mighty prayers from past generations.


Teaching Prayer Seminars seemed impossible in 1998

In 1998, the Holy Spirit spoke to Judy that she would someday teach prayer seminars. With two young children and a mountain of debt, there seemed no possible way. But, they continued to develop themselves concerning the things of prayer and the Spirit.

In 2010. Dana and Judy began hosting prayer meetings in their home. Dana would pull out his guitar and they would enter into the presence of God. Each meeting in their home is uniquely different and power-packed and Dana and Judy continued to develop in the things of prayer.

In 2013, the Holy Spirit began to stir Dana’s heart concerning bringing more people into Gods presence through prayer.


We have just moved from our living room to the church. It is the same powerful Holy Ghost flow.

Dana Prieto


More than two decades later, in obedience to that stirring, Dana and Judy now make themselves available to individuals and churches. From Holy laughter to tears, the Spirit of God always comes. You will both enjoy and be inspired by many personal prayer stories. Their stories are similar to those from previous generations.


I have done nothing but open windows- God has done the rest. January 3, 1930

Brother Lawrence, Practicing His Presence


Do you long for a prayer mentor?


There are those who long for a mentor. Some pray, “Isn’t there someone who can teach us the ways of the Spirit of God?”  God now powerfully uses Dana and Judy to mentor others. Just as they were taught, they now lead others into God’s presence and train up spiritual leaders. Judy and Dana will teach on the Gifts of the Spirit and leaders will learn how to step into interpreting the flow of the service through precept and example. Prayer seminars are extendeds meeting held over a weekend or several services in a row.


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