The Secret Door

The Secret Door



  • Learn who the greatest unreached people groups are in your community and how you can turn them into active members of your church.
  • Find out the devils secret
  • Discover what families are searching for when they visit.

Why You Need this Book

The secret to church growth is hiding in plain sight. Not a “get-rich-quick” scheme, this book provides practical tools for churches of any size. More than inspiration, this book provides the tools to make it happen. Available in Kindle or Print.


“The Secret Door guarantees continued church growth by investing in our churches most untapped resource – children’s ministry.  This book provides clear, concise and practical information on children’s ministry that will position churches to not only survive but to thrive, in the decades to come.” Tony Erby, Ph.D., Educator and Pastoral Care Counselor, Kenneth Copeland Ministries

…[This book] is a MUST READ for all pastors, ministers, and believers that have a vision for the harvest…” Hildegard Behe – Pastor, Christliches Zentrum Coburg, Germany

“There is a shift coming in the thinking of the body of Christ where a greater emphasis will be put upon the children” Judy IS ushering it in!! Will the rest of the Church join her? ….” Mark L. Withers, CMSgt(r), USAF Chief of the Air Force Medical Enlisted Force (#5)

I couldn’t put this book down and read it in one sitting. This book is not only inspirational but informative too. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves children and the Church.” J.P., USA

“I love how “The Secret Door” opens your eyes to the enemy’s game. The devil is thinking cleverly about how to distract and destroy generations, while the church is sluggish in their attempts to evangelize the world. This book has the answer…” K.D., USA

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Parenting with the Help of the Holy Spirit

 Parenting with the Help of the Holy Spirit

I Want to Give You  this Downloadable 2 CD Set

These Truths from Heaven Changed My Families’ Life and They Will Yours too.

One night, during a time of frustration, I cried out to the Lord for help with parenting. The Holy Spirit answered that prayer. That night the Holy Spirit gave to me five truths regarding children. “If you’ll do these things, your children will not go into rebellion.” This series is a result of that prayer. Listen in as Judy bears her heart and learn how she overcame her parenting frustrations. (This downloadable series will be sent to the email you use to pay for the book.)

Let us Help Build Your Family- Five Techniques to Keep Your Children Out of Rebellion.

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