Be a Voice of Prayer for Your City and State

” I feel convinced that for me and for you who read, there lie ahead undiscovered continents of spiritual living compared with which we are infants in arms.”

Brother Lawrence, Practicing His Presence

Needs New Heading

The church is the light of the world and you are a carrier of that light in your community. It is the responsibility of the Christians within each community to pray for the natural and spiritual leaders, to keep their people safe and expose the hidden things of darkness.

We join together to pray over our community. Togetherr we cast a net of prayer over our cities and surrounding communities. We teach briefly and pray fervently. We pray with authority as we stand together to keep our communities safe.

"Wait. what? I would absolutely have to be convinced it was God because there is NO WAY I want to do it again and neither do you." 

We began to pray regularly with a few other people. There were many confirmations as we continued to pray out every detail. After 18 months we became convinced that was the path to take.

You will be inspired to never give up on you dream as you follow the unfolding journey to the Capitol and the facsinating details of the story. 

Swearing In Ceremony

The Devil has Robbed the Church by Silencing Her Voice

As I was in prayer, I kept praying about a reconnaissance mission. I had to look up the meaning. Reconnaissance is a mission to obtain information about the activities and resources of an enemy. To take back what the enemy stole, we must first understand what has been stolen. Spiritual reconnaissance obtains information by the Spirit of God. When we have inside information, we KNOW how to pray.

Our Core Values

Effective prayers understand the highest law is the law of love. " If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing." I Cor. 13:2

  • Keep the Word First

  • Follow the Leading of the Holy Spirit

  • Honor the Gifts in Others