Is this your constant prayer?

  • I am so hungry for a mighty move of God… “
  • “How do we get the gifts of the Spirit flowing in my church…?”
  • “The children’s department would be so much more effective if people were willing to volunteer, but it’s always difficult to get volunteers in that area…”
  • “I want my congregation to be more informed politically, but I am not sure legally what I am allowed to say. I don’t want to run people off if they have a different opinion that I do. If I share my thoughts and they leave the church, I have lost any opportunity I might have had to help them.”

“The Bible teaches on healing and I believe it, but not many people in my church receive supernatural healing. Some have been sick for many years. They have learned how to cope with their illness.


Do you say in your heart, “I KNOW  there is more? “

You are right. There is more- much more. You can experience more of the presence of God.


These are some of the challenges that Pastors face on a daily basis. They are on the front line with their congregants as they face the battles of everyday life. It takes great faith to pastor and even more faith to stay in the Divine Flow.  Day after day, year after year, it can grow wearisome.


Prayer Seminars

When we entered 2021, there was a significant spiritual change. The rivers of prayer are rising. The anointing has increased greatly. We are rapidly approaching the end of the age and Jesus will return soon. We teach and demonstrate how to touch heaven and experience God in prayer.


City-Wide prayer

Led by the Spirit of God, we started City-Wide prayer in Tulsa in 2019 with just four people. Now, men and women from six+ churches meet once a month for a powerful time of prayer followed by a potluck lunch. The anointing has been very heavy upon these meetings as evidenced by powerful worship and a strong, undeniable anointing to pray for our city, state and nation.

Your church is the restraining force against darkness in your area. Church members will catch the spirit of prayer as we pray over your area, allow the gifts to flow and yet still keep order as instructed in I Cor 14.  If your area needs a shot in the arm, consider starting City-Wide prayer in your area.


Recruiting children’s volunteers.

If your church has a need for workers, Jesus has a need.  Children’s workers can volunteer out of revelation or obligation. Judy teaches the entire congregation about the importance of the spiritual training of a child. Church members will catch the vision and learn how they can support children’s ministry. The result is new and excited volunteers. For continued results, vision should be put forth annually.


Just for Kids-

God loves kids and so do we. Children will grow and learn through storytelling and other exciting adventures.


Contact us. We’ll help you build your church.



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