The Online Way to Shop the Clearance Section on Amazon

I Discovered Online Clearance Shopping

So, I have been taking advantage of online clearance over the past several months and I decided I should tell my friends.

My daughter told me about this website called Zon Deals and since I started shopping there, I snagged some incredible deals with discounts of 80 percent or higher.

From what I can tell, these products come from Amazon sellers residing outside the U.S. who are trying to make their product rank on Amazon, or they may need to sell inventory quickly to reduce Amazon storage fees. Whatever the reason, it ends up working out incredibly well for the consumers.

Here are are a few of the deals I have bought so far;

  • Facial Serum $8.99/$1.25
  • Sleeping Aid $9.99/$2.07
  • Guitar strap $11.97/$.74
  • Collagen Peptides- $23.19/$2.32
  • Grill scraper $12.54/$1.25

Here’s how it works;

  1. You must have Amazon Prime. All the products are purchased through Amazon Prime and delivered to you.
  2. Sign up at Zon Deals.
  3. There are hundreds of products to choose from in any category you can think of.
  4. To purchase, you go back to the site and get a one-time use code.
  5. Apply the code at checkout on Amazon and wala!  You just got a great deal!

It’s Like Turning Back the Clock on Inflation

You can’t just go crazy with purchases. There are limitations to how many you can purchase each day. There are various levels, and as you move up in their ranking system, the more you can purchase.

Many of the items are new to the Amazon market, and you get to learn about lots of new stuff that’s been developed. The stocking stuffers at Christmas this year are going to be fun.

Who doesn’t want to save money? The part I like the best is I can shop from my computer and have it delivered to my door. Use this link to sign up.

The wealth of the world belongs to you. Every time you save money, you can invest somewhere else.


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