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Healing for Children

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Children Learn Best Through Songs and Storytelling

“Jesus taught by parable, and other than that taught he not.”

Gods Medicine-Fight sickness both naturally and supernaturally with this free downloadable CD. Your child’s faith will soar and sickness will flee as they listen to the Word of God on healing. Click on the links below to download each track.

Written by: Judy Prieto, Music: Glen Henry, Voices: Women: Judy Prieto, Rhoda: Amy Duinick, Bartimeus:Dave White, Children’s Voices: Anna Prieto, Christine Tully, Cara Tully, Narrator and Producer: Dana Prieto



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Fergie the Frog

Fergie the Frog- Anti-Bullying Song

Fergie picks on all the other frogs and soon finds himself without any friends. Children will learn the importance of following the Golden Rule. Click on the link below to download this effective teaching tool. Use it for the children under your influence today.

Bonus: Gwonk the Goose just can’t honk.He is teased by all his friends. When they get in trouble, Gwonk comes to their rescue and with the help of his new friend named Worm,he learns to celebrates his own uniqueness and practice the Golden Rule .

Written by: Judy Prieto, Music: Rick Solomon, Voices:Judy Prieto, Dana Prieto, DixiePrater, Mark Prater, Natalee Prater, Anna Prieto, Sarah DeNeui.
Producer: Dana Prieto




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 Build Spiritually Strong Children

Click Here To Download Printable PDF 10 Commandments for Building An Amazing Children’s Department




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