Journey to Prosperity- One Word Can Change Your Life

In early January of 2018, the Holy Spirit began to open my eyes and show me how my perceptions were hindering our prosperity. In a moment of time, he revealed where my thinking did not line up with his. It was to be just the beginning…

“Your mind is always going over your mistakes and years of failures. It is a constant stream of negativity. The devil focuses on the years. Then he reminds you of how old you are. The constant barrage of negativity: it’s called buffeting. It’s relentless. It never quits.”

You turn his voice down and my voice up by intention. The voice of faith, the voice of hope, the voice of love must be louder. It takes a certain amount of my word just to balance the scale. That’s where you have been for several years. But, now it’s time to tip the scales. (That explained a lot!)

“The Word, the Word, the Word on prosperity. Don’t just double up, but I’m telling you, triple up on the Word on prosperity. 2018 is the year to make spiritual financial deposits into your spirit and follow the inward witness concerning giving and investments.”

IF, IF, IF you are diligent to follow my instructions, 2019 will bring an incredible breakthrough. I don’t look back and count time against you. I look ahead into the brightness of everyman’s future.”

Wow! I had very specific directions. We set out to immediately obey his instructions. I started my usual speed reading with Gloria Copeland’sbook God’s Will is Prosperity. Wrong!

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