Rhema Ministerial Association International Values Children

DanaandJudyTo support the pastors and itinerant ministers in their district, directors are asked to host two events each year.  Hats off to Patty and Rennie Ohls, District Directors for Eastern Oklahoma for coming up with a great idea.

They decided that once each year they would bring in ministers to provide a sort of continuing education in very practical areas that many of the small churches could not afford to do on their own. In 2015, they hosted a worship workshop. For 2016, the focus was children.

With each passing day, ministering to children is becoming more critical. Now, more than ever volunteers need to be properly equipped and filled with vision. We were very excited to share Gods heart for children with RMAI in Eastern Oklahoma with an all-day conference.

The meeting started at 9:00 with a great time of fellowship and a reunion of many old friends. In the morning, I taught from my new book, The Secret Door followed by lunch at a local Mexican restaurant and more fellowship time-yeah!

After lunch, we moved into Tips and Tools for Teachers, God’s Four Part Plan for Children.

Everyone got involved in Developing Spontaneity!  Dana spontaneously jumped in and shared about mentoring young boys and kept us all entertained with his stories!

Then, we demonstrated how to take childrenJudyteaching into the presence of God together. It was a wonderful day of teaching, demonstrations, making new friends and, as Acts 2:17 says, times of refreshing from the presence of God. 

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