Spirit Time

When my youngest daughter was 8, I started something called Spirit Time with her. She loved God and was sensitive to his Spirit. So, in the evening after we read the Bible, we prayed each night.

We prayed for the children of the world; the lost, the least and the forgotten. We prayed for her friends and their families. We started developing a lifestyle of prayer and learning how to follow the Holy Spirits’ leading at a very early age.

One night I was awakened in the middle of the night with a burden to pray for one of her friends. I prayed for awhile, but I just sensed that I needed to wake my daughter up and tell her what I was sensing. Together we touched heaven on this girls behalf. We prayed until a note of victory came.

Several years later when my daughter was in college, I went out to lunch with my daughter and her friend. In the restaurant, the Holy Spirit was present as I told her friend about that night in prayer. It turned out that was a very difficult time for her and she was contemplating suicide.

Learning to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit can be life or death for somebody. Start training your children while they are young so that supernatural things are natural to them.

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