The Law of Seedtime and Harvest

Farmers Get It!

The principles of farming illuminate the law of seed time and harvest and it works in every area of life: relationships, businesses, careers—they all start out in seed form as ideas.

Those things are planted, watered, weeded, and finally they grow. It doesn’t matter whether the idea is positive or negative, good or bad; it only matters that the idea or seed is planted, watered, and nourished.

On the negative side, for example, we have Adolf Hitler with his grotesque idea of the superior Aryan race. Hitler planted that idea and it began to grow into the monster that brought death and destruction to millions.

The law of seedtime and harvest works in every area of our life
The law of seedtime and harvest works in every area of our life.

On the positive side, we have Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who planted an idea that brought love to the most unloved members of a society and soothed the untold suffering of humankind. Her idea is still growing, reproducing, and benefitting this world long after her death while Hitler’s continues to reap destruction through Neo-Nazism.

This concept will work for you or against you. Purposely sow the right seeds in your life today. When you sow the right seed, the correct crop will grow.

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