City Wide Prayer Begins its Third Year in January of 2021

January 2021 marked the start of our third year of City Wide prayer. It seems to me the Body of Christ is rising. The sleeping giant is awakening. It is evidenced in our prayer meetings.


City WIde prayer started with four people and each month it was good. But, as we entered a new year of 2021, we began to access new places in prayer.

” I feel convinced that for me and for you who read, there lie ahead undiscovered continents of spiritual living compared with which we are infants in arms.” Brother Lawrence Practicing His Presence

We have begun the journey to access these continents. Each person whom God draws to this group comes filled up and ready. They bring a full supply of the Spirit of God. Imagine for a moment that each person is transparent, and all you can see it is the light of God that is within them. The light within those attending is burning brighter man ever before.

In January, Judy reminded us of the prophetic words of Brother Hagin from 1987 as we watch those come to pass before our eyes. In the light of recent political upheaval in the US, this prophecy ushered us into a new realm in prayer.

In February, Dana shared on revival and that the starting place for revival is, “Lord, change me!” Judy shared Lester Sumrall’s 7  prophetic words for the last days, Number 7 is “These are the days of the greatest outpouring the world has ever seen.”

In March, Dana taught on the importance of commanding angels to do the work of the Lord and how they act at the response to our words . 

This is not time to grow weary or quit. The Holy Spirit is calling us up higher now. The deeper things of God are calling to us more loudly than ever. Saints who love their country are joining from all over the City.

The season has changed. Together we will continue to access new continents in prayer as we yield to his Spirit and he teaches us. 2021 is a glorious year, filled with the Glory of God.


When: third Saturday of every month at 10am

Where: Encounter Church of Tulsa

2828 S 129th St, Tulsa, OK

What: Prayer followed by potluck lunch.

Text with your name to sign up. Text updates will be sent.




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