You Can Pray

Around the world, the Holy Spirit is stirring congregations to move into

the deeper things of prayer

If you desire to come up higher in prayer, this conference is for you: 4 days of teaching and demonstration

Wednesday 9/22/21- Friday 9/25/21              10 am and 7pm

Saturday 10 am             City Wide Prayer followed by lunch 

This is one conference you can’t afford to miss.


Dana and Judy Prieto         Scott and Ellen Redmond

Dana and Judy teach by precept and example. They minister as a team in prayer.
Scott is a dynamic teacher and skilled at leading people into the presence of God









Greater Glory Ministries 
Encounter Church of Tulsa   2828 S 129th   Tulsa, OK 74134

City Wide Prayer- The river is rising

January 2021 marked the start of our third year of City Wide prayer. It seems to me the Body of Christ is rising. The sleeping giant is awakening. It is evidenced in our prayer meetings.


City WIde prayer started with four people and each month it was good. But, as we entered a new year of 2021, we began to access new places in prayer.

” I feel convinced that for me and for you who read, there lie ahead undiscovered continents of spiritual living compared with which we are infants in arms.” Brother Lawrence Practicing His Presence

We have begun the journey to access these continents. Each person whom God draws to this group comes filled up and ready. They bring a full supply of the Spirit of God. Imagine for a moment that each person is transparent, and all you can see it is the light of God that is within them. The light within those attending is burning brighter man ever before.

In January, Judy reminded us of the prophetic words of Brother Hagin from 1987 as we watch those come to pass before our eyes. In the light of recent political upheaval in the US, this prophecy ushered us into a new realm in prayer.

In February, Dana shared on revival and that the starting place for revival is, “Lord, change me!” Judy shared Lester Sumrall’s 7  prophetic words for the last days, Number 7 is “These are the days of the greatest outpouring the world has ever seen.”

In March, Dana taught on the importance of commanding angels to do the work of the Lord and how they act at the response to our words . 

This is not time to grow weary or quit. The Holy Spirit is calling us up higher now. The deeper things of God are calling to us more loudly than ever. Saints who love their country are joining from all over the City.

The season has changed. Together we will continue to access new continents in prayer as we yield to his Spirit and he teaches us. 2021 is a glorious year, filled with the Glory of God.


When: third Saturday of every month at 10am

Where: Encounter Church of Tulsa

2828 S 129th St, Tulsa, OK

What: Prayer followed by potluck lunch.

Text with your name to sign up. Text updates will be sent.




Special August Prayer Meeting 2020 cancelled

Special August Prayer Meeting 

Citywide Prayer-Catalyst

In January, an announcement was made to stay tuned for changes in Citywide Prayer in 2020. The time has come and we know what to do. The Holy Spirit has specifically directed us to hold a 3-day meeting.

  • The mornings will be power-packed teaching on prayer.
  • The afternoon sessions we will break up into small groups for one-one prayer mentoring by seasoned prayer warriors.
  • The evening we will come together to see how the wind of the Spirit blows us into time of refreshing from the presence of the Lord as in Acts 3:19. All evening meetings will be held at Encounter Church of Tulsa, 2929 S 129th, Tulsa, OK

Thursday and Friday daytime meetings we will meet at a large home in Catoosa. There will be plenty of time to fellowship, swim and play pool. Space is limited for the daytime meetings on Thursday and Friday. Signup required.

Note: All evening meetings will be held at Encounter Church of Tulsa. Saturday meetings will be held at Encounter Church of Tulsa,  2929 S 129th East Ave, Tulsa

August 13-15

Thursday 8/13 and Friday 8/14 Daytime Meeting Schedule:

9:00 Breakfast and fellowship

10:00 Meeting

12:00 Lunch

Free Time; swimming/pool/board games/media room

2:00 Personal prayer mentoring. We will be meeting in small groups for prayer.

4:00 End

7:00 Encounter Church of Tulsa

Space is limited for the daytime meetings on Thursday and Friday. Signup required. Please RSVP to by August 9th to reserve your seat. First come, first serve basis.  


Saturday 8/15  Schedule 

All meetings held at Encounter Church of Tulsa

10:00 Citywide Prayer/Catalyst

12:00 lunch

7:00 Meeting


Scott Redmond- Scott has been to thirty-eight countries on six different continents, which gives him a worldwide perspective from which to draw as he teaches God’s Word. A 1990 graduate of Rhema Bible Training College, Scott teaches on how to be led by the Spirit of God, prayer, faith, the authority of the believer, and marriage and the family.

Hugh Spyres- 85 years young, Hugh has been about the Fathers business for many years. He served as an associate pastor for twelve years. and senior pastor for six years. He also brings his teaching experience from the public school setting where he taught business for 18 years. Hugh is clear and clear and simple as he unfolds the Word of God before us.

Dana and Judy Prieto – will lead CIty wide Prayer monthly meeting on Saturday morning. Join us as we “make much power available”  as we pray for the City, State and Nation.

City Wide Prayer Launches its Second Year

Citywide Prayer TulsaIn late 2018, the Holy Spirit began to stir our hearts about starting City Wide prayer. I was not anxious to start any new programs. I knew that if God wasn’t in it, I would have to sustain it and ultimately it would fail.

We met with a few people – not to talk, but to pray about it. Throughout the fall of 2018, the plan began to unfold. The Holy Spirit began to instruct me; this would not look like other prayer groups we had been in. The scripture he gave me was Ephesians 4:16 from him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.

The Holy Spirit helped me to understand that every person in attendance brings their supply of the presence of God. As facilitators, Dana and I would lead. But, God had a plan to use others in attendance. It was not to be the ‘Dana and Judy” show. It was his show, not ours.

Starting January 2019, we began meeting once a month. In the beginning, we alternated meeting between Okmulgee and Tulsa. Ultimately, that turned out to be confusing. Mid-year we changed the format and decided to always meet at Encounter Church of Tulsa, 2828 S 129th. At that time, City Wide Prayer also became an outreach of Encounter Church, the foursquare church we attend.

We also added a meal afterwards. We have been asked why. Koinonia is a Greek word. It means community, sharing and intimacy. It is used 19 times in the New Testament. It is scriptural to have intimate relationships. Food is another tool God uses to create unity. The more unified we are, the more effective our prayers will be.

What We Pray About

Before we pray, we worship. God had us start in Okmulgee. It was there that we met Mary and Steve Disclose. They start worship in a higher place. Mary is a concert level pianist, and her gift is amazing and she is able to quickly lead us into the presence of God.

Each month, either Dana or I share for a few minutes. We pray for the City, State and Nation as the Holy Spirit leads. God’s presence is always there to lead and guide. As a community, we follow the Holy Spirit into the deep places only found in fellowship with him. I am excited to see what 2020 holds. See you there!

An Open Letter to My Younger Self

Perspective. It is an interesting thing. Each passing year brings new experiences that change the way we think. Knowing these things would have helped my younger self. To My Childhood Self;

Remember that temper tantrum you had when you were 5 when your mother totally ignored you? When you didn’t get what you wanted, you got up off the floor and put your big girl pants on. Your mother was right when she ignored you.

Remember the quarter you took off the classroom table that belonged to another child? When the Brownie leader asked who took it, you kept silent. Your little 7-year-old heart was tender. That wrongful action ate at you for a long time. Next time, fess up. You will save yourself a lot of sorrow.

Remember how many times you followed your sisters and brothers into wrongdoing? It got you into a lot of trouble over the years. Your heart knew what was right. Next time, follow your heart, not other people.

To My Teenage Self

You were convinced your mom was the meanest mother on earth. She couldn’t possibly understand what you were going through. She was the enemy. Wait 15 years.  Your mother will be there when you need a shoulder to cry on, wisdom, a reliable babysitter and a dear friend.

Enjoy every moment you have with her. Talk with her often, as sooner than you know, the day will come when she will leave this earth and you will no longer have that opportunity.

You were so desperately lonely when your sister, your best friend left to pursue her college dreams. The void you experienced created a hole in your heart that nothing would fill.  That loneliness served its purpose. It brought you face to face with the living God. You discovered how real he was.

To My Twenties Self

What will they think? You were always worried about how you looked and acted. No one is paying as much attention to you as you are. No one else really cares. No one is watching your personal TV show. Everyone is too busy creating their own show to pay any attention to yours. The truth is that all the stuff you fixate on doesn’t really matter. Get over yourself. Reach out to the other self-consumed people in your world.

Remember when you started your longevity plan to keep you vibrant and strong in body and mind to 102? The investments you made start paying big dividends at 50. While many of your friends will feel old and look fat, you are still filled with strength and energy and look great. By 60, your friends will start dying. Eternity is a very long time. Your fears keep you from sharing your faith. Be bolder in sharing the gospel. Your friends will thank you later.

You passionately pursued his presence. You always had a heart for God and desired to be “in the ministry.” Spend more time pursuing him rather than pursuing a position. As you age, the most fulfilling part of your entire life will be your ever-deepening walk with God.

You have no idea the challenges and victories that lie ahead, but you will win every battle. Jesus will be your healer, provider and supreme friend. If you could only see where you will be in forty years, you wouldn’t be able to contain the joy. Never give up, never give in. Stay steady and strong. Don’t fear sixty. It will take you to a wonderful place.

Journey to Prosperity- Total Obedience Required

One morning in early May before the sun rose, I woke up early and prayed in the Spirit for about an hour. The Holy Spirit began to speak to me about transitioning from one church to another.

“Transitions take time. It moves you from one place to another, from one path to another. It is not quick, nor is it easy. Just as a growing child craves food as it is being weaned from milk, so you are being weaned. It is a time to stay steady, stay close to me. As you complete the fullness of the transition, you will find yourself in a happy place and your joy will be complete.”

We had been at the same church for almost 20 years. The pastor was a good man who knows the Word and flows in the gifts of the Spirit. Why was it necessary for us to leave one a church to enter into prosperity? Total victory requires total obedience to those things which he calls us to do. We are to obey by faith. At the wedding in Cana Jesus mother, Mary told the servants, “Do whatever he tells you to do.”

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Journey to Prosperity- Five Levels of Prosperity

I was accustomed to skimming books and hitting the highlights. It dawned on me about halfway through the first book that I was not going to receive the fullness of the anything that way. I went back to the beginning and started again. This time I read slowly and purposefully.

I changed my reading habits. I started meditating and studying what I had read. I was no longer going for quantity, but rather quality. One day as I was speaking in tounges and meditating on what I read, the Holy Spirit showed me five different types of prosperity. This was news to me;

  1. Evil prosperity– money made in the exploitation of others.
  2. Workingman’s prosperity where most of the world and many Christians live their financial lives; they educate themselves, they work, they save, they invest and their wealth grows. This group takes the credit for their prosperity. “My power and the wealth of my hands have gotten me this wealth. (Duet 8:17) This is toiling.
  3. Blended prosperity– the man who wavers between trusting God and his own ability. Tries to trust God, but really doesn’t have enough Bible truth within him to stand against financial adversity when a crisis comes. They fall back upon themselves when the pressure is on. Between their faith and actions, they get enough relief to maintain, but never truly step into God’s prosperity. They receive a measure of God’s prosperity, but never experience a true breakthrough. (This is where we found ourselves for so many years.)
  4.  Prosperity through the Covenant– the group who have spent the time studying, meditating, praying and confessing God Word for long enough that they have built within their heart an unshakeable scriptural foundation concerning Gods will to prosper. When temptations come to fall back into the natural to relieve financial pressure they do not bow. Financial pressure us one of the strongest pressures we face. Most never make it to this level because the pressure is great. It can be very uncomfortable, embarrassing and even inconvenient.
  5. Superabundant revelation and supply -It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to heaven. We have misunderstood this scripture. It is metaphorical. God’s definition of rich is super-abundant supply; developing cities and regions as Abraham did.  There are very few men living who have lived who attain this level of prosperity. There are just a few on the earth now. Bishop Oyedoepo, Ken Copeland, to a degree Mac Hammond, Bill Winston, and others are rising. Their influence is far greater than a local church. It affects the region’s economy.  They have great influence on their world. They are like Abraham; “exceedingly prosperous.”