Don’t Die With My Stuff

Unfortunately, the graveyard is one of the wealthiest places in the world. Why? Because those graves are filled with the seeds of better government, cures for diseases, all kinds of business ideas, and creative ways to work out love relationships so they endure a lifetime. The caskets are closed and all those amazing ideas are forever buried in the graves of the people who just never planted them—people whose ideas and inspirations never saw the light of day or even had the chance to be forgotten.

Every day another person is lowered into the ground with a few mementos of their brief stay on earth, accompanied only by the potential they never reached.

I want my gravestone to say, “ALL USED UP—HE REACHED HIS FULL POTENTIAL.”

The world will be a far richer place as we each fulfill our God-given potential. So, live big and don’t die with my stuff!

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