An Open Letter to My Younger Self

Perspective. It is an interesting thing. Each passing year brings new experiences that change the way we think. Knowing these things would have helped my younger self. To My Childhood Self;

Remember that temper tantrum you had when you were 5 when your mother totally ignored you? When you didn’t get what you wanted, you got up off the floor and put your big girl pants on. Your mother was right when she ignored you.

Remember the quarter you took off the classroom table that belonged to another child? When the Brownie leader asked who took it, you kept silent. Your little 7-year-old heart was tender. That wrongful action ate at you for a long time. Next time, fess up. You will save yourself a lot of sorrow.

Remember how many times you followed your sisters and brothers into wrongdoing? It got you into a lot of trouble over the years. Your heart knew what was right. Next time, follow your heart, not other people.

To My Teenage Self

You were convinced your mom was the meanest mother on earth. She couldn’t possibly understand what you were going through. She was the enemy. Wait 15 years.  Your mother will be there when you need a shoulder to cry on, wisdom, a reliable babysitter and a dear friend.

Enjoy every moment you have with her. Talk with her often, as sooner than you know, the day will come when she will leave this earth and you will no longer have that opportunity.

You were so desperately lonely when your sister, your best friend left to pursue her college dreams. The void you experienced created a hole in your heart that nothing would fill.  That loneliness served its purpose. It brought you face to face with the living God. You discovered how real he was.

To My Twenties Self

What will they think? You were always worried about how you looked and acted. No one is paying as much attention to you as you are. No one else really cares. No one is watching your personal TV show. Everyone is too busy creating their own show to pay any attention to yours. The truth is that all the stuff you fixate on doesn’t really matter. Get over yourself. Reach out to the other self-consumed people in your world.

Remember when you started your longevity plan to keep you vibrant and strong in body and mind to 102? The investments you made start paying big dividends at 50. While many of your friends will feel old and look fat, you are still filled with strength and energy and look great. By 60, your friends will start dying. Eternity is a very long time. Your fears keep you from sharing your faith. Be bolder in sharing the gospel. Your friends will thank you later.

You passionately pursued his presence. You always had a heart for God and desired to be “in the ministry.” Spend more time pursuing him rather than pursuing a position. As you age, the most fulfilling part of your entire life will be your ever-deepening walk with God.

You have no idea the challenges and victories that lie ahead, but you will win every battle. Jesus will be your healer, provider and supreme friend. If you could only see where you will be in forty years, you wouldn’t be able to contain the joy. Never give up, never give in. Stay steady and strong. Don’t fear sixty. It will take you to a wonderful place.

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